What is the ChargeBox?


What is the ChargeBox?

Good question, we're glad you asked, actually.  The ChargeBox was invented to solve the problem of having a good means to charge any lure used for glow in the dark fishing.  Instead of having to use a camera flash, flashlight, or waiting for the sun to come up - now all you have to do is place your gear in the ChargeBox, let it soak up some rays for a few minutes, and you're ready to fish.

The ChargeBox uses 'Black Light' to charge your gear, which is much more effectively than regular light.  The 'Black Light' (really high wavelength UV light) activates the phosphorescent material much more efficiently than regular light.  The result is that your lures get a much better, deeper charge in the ChargeBox.  Of course, what this all means to you is that it'll help you catch more fish!

We hope you enjoy using the ChargeBox!


Thanks for using the ChargeBox!

-- The OBI Team